• Planning on Having a Hip or Knee Replacement? – Do This First!

    Posted on June 28, 2017 by in Associated conditions

    knee surgeryIf you and your doctor are considering hip or knee replacement surgery and you experience any symptoms that could even possibly be caused by a vein issue is it important to address that first before going through with the replacement surgery or your recovery may be compromised and made more difficult than it needs to be.

    If your legs feel heavy, experience swelling (edema), feel itchy, painful (outside of the joint pain from the need for joint replacement) or you can visibly see varicose veins – make an appointment for a FREE Vein Screening at www.weknowveins.com today. Venous insufficiency needs to be ruled out in order for you to get the best surgery results possible.

    If you are found to have venous issues, treatment will be recommended based on your personal case and situation. Once the veins are treated and your circulatory system is healthy and working properly having a hip or knee replaced will go far more smoothly with less risk of unexpected unwanted after effects.

    DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a risk with knee surgery. Ensuring your veins are in proper working order as well as the doctor recommending blood thinners on a temporary post-surgery basis can help lessen the risk.

    We know these surgeries are a major undertaking and big decision in your life. We want you to be as informed and safe as possible so that you can make the right decisions and get back to health as quickly as possible.


    Go to weknowveins.com for a confidential FREE Vein Screening right online. Dr. Joseph Magnant is a board certified vascular surgeon and Dr. Nero is a board certified general surgeon. They have dedicated their lives to this surgical practice with the singular focus on the treatment of venous insufficiency. 239-694-VEIN (8346) to schedule an in-person appointment.

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