• Is there a cure for chronic venous insufficiency?

    Posted on June 22, 2017 by in venous insufficiency

    venous insufficiencyWhile there is no cure, treatments can make a tremendous difference in your quality of life. Choosing to seek medical attention early on can make a world of difference.


    Our circulatory system is created to keep blood moving throughout the body, the valves in the veins work to pump the blood back towards the heart for recirculation.  With a patient experiencing vein disease, the valves become corroded and unable to work properly.


    When the valves break down, blood isn’t pushed along as it should be. It may pool, stretching the veins in areas causing fluid back up. This can create small spider veins along the surface or in deeper veins may cause them to become varicose.


    Both spider and varicose veins are an issue not only cosmetically but potentially a health hazard.


    Self-care is immediately advisable.


    Treatments such as wearing compression stockings specifically made for vein issues will help to support the vein structure and make it easier on the damaged sections to continue to do their job. Elevation of your legs after activity will also help to allow the blood to flow correctly. Keeping moisturizer on the skin of the legs will help to prevent cracking and flaking which can lead to ulcerations when the circulation isn’t steady enough.


    Seeing a specialist can save your leg health.


    While all of these home remedies do help, in order to catch and head off the progression of the disease and keep it from spreading it is vital to consult with a Vein Specialist. They can do a thorough examination and offer advice and a treatment plan which will give you the very best possible outcome, protecting your health in the long run.


    Go to Eveinscreening.com for a confidential FREE Vein Screening right online. Dr. Joseph Magnant is a board certified vascular surgeon and Dr. Nero is a board certified general surgeon. They have dedicated their lives to this surgical practice with the singular focus on the treatment of venous insufficiency. 239-694-VEIN (8346) to schedule an in-person appointment.

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