• Orthotics for Varicose Veins

    Posted on January 4, 2018 by in varicose veins

    orthoticsOne of the most overlooked and easiest noninvasive treatments for varicose vein pain is the use of custom orthotics. While shoe inserts cannot rid you of vein deficiency or lessen the look of varicose veins they can make walking and standing far more comfortable and less painful.

    Orthotics give you arch support in three areas of the foot. This balances out the body weight evenly as it should be distributed and can even straighten out your gate. Walking with proper body mechanics keeps you in alignment preventing unnecessary wear and tear from head to toe.

    Bad body mechanics often start in the feet. Being flat footed, or off balance adds pressure to the leg and the veins of the leg. If the veins are already diseased or deficient being off balanced can exacerbate the discomfort.

    Good quality orthotics don’t come from the drug store. They need to be ordered by either your family doctor, chiropractor, or a podiatrist. They can be formed by using step in boxes that cast your feet or by use of foot scanner which will measure the pressure points and arches in your feet.

    Orthotics can be created for use in running and walking shoes, dress shoes and even sandals and can be easily moved from one pair to the next, just by sliding them in and out.

    Orthotics, as well as compression stockings, ice, rest and elevation all, can help with varicose vein issues. They can help to regulate the blood flow and alleviate the pain. In order to correct the damage done and rid yourself of the damaged veins, a consultation with a Vein Specialist is needed.

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