• Is Removing Spider Veins Difficult?

    Posted on December 27, 2017 by in spider veins

    spider veins

    Spider veins, unlike their counterpart – Varicose Veins, are usually harmless. Though in some, they can cause aching, burning sensations if you have been standing for extended periods.

    Spider veins tend to be more of a visual nuisance than anything. Thankfully they can be easily dealt with thanks to today’s medical technology.

    If you have spider veins, the first step is to engage a free online consultation with one of our Vein Specialists at We Know Veins. They can make an initial assessment and see if further evaluation is warranted. If so, they will invite you to come into the office for an in-person medical history and consultation.

    Depending on the severity of your spider veins they may suggest one of two options or possibly a combination of both.

    Laser Surgery – This amazing technology works by sending small yet strong bursts of light into the vein. The vein will slowly fade and disappear as it is reabsorbed into the body, rerouting the blood flow. The fading can take weeks to months for full effects to be seen.

    Sclerotherapy – During the sclerotherapy procedure, the doctor will inject the damaged vein areas with a solution that closes and scars the vein. This scarification causes the blood to re-route to the nondamaged, healthy veins. Within just a few weeks the damaged veins will fade to clear as they are now devoid of blood. There is no anesthesia required and it can be done in your doctor’s office. Sclerotherapy is more effective than laser therapy.

    It is important to note that though these procedures are permanent, neither will prevent new veins issues from forming in other non treated veins. Because of this, it is possible in the future that new vein issues may form and need to be treated as well.

    Staying on top of your vein health is vital. Being proactive will save you pain as well as visual annoyance. Visit www.weknowveins.com today and take the first step to lifelong leg health. 


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