• New Procedure Treats Varicose Veins

    Posted on November 7, 2016 by in varicose veins

    varicose veinsMillions of Americans suffer from the pain and uncomfortableness of varicose veins every year. Vein doctors have had certain treatments that have worked in ridding patients of these troublesome veins, but a new procedure has paved the path for obliterating them in an easier way with less pain for patients.

    The VenaSeal procedure has come onto the market as an almost pain-free method of treating varicose veins and spider veins. Sclerotherapy and phlebectomy have been the go-to treatments for many years. The VenaSeal treatment surpasses them with the new technology available.

    The VenaSeal procedure has the doctor place a catheter into the affected vein. Through this catheter, a tiny amount of a special glue is placed onto the damaged vein. This glue basically stops the vein from accepting new blood into it, making your blood flow into healthier veins. Eventually, the unused, bad vein disintegrates and is absorbed by your body.

    You might wonder if the glue is safe and where it goes after it has done its job. This glue is safe for your body and only a minute amount is applied. After it has done its work, it breaks down and is absorbed into your body.

    Varicose veins can be a painful condition that can disrupt a patient’s life tremendously. Not only are they unsightly, but normal activities can greatly be affected by the heaviness, swelling, and pain that come with them. Many people try to treat them at home by using compression stockings, elevating their legs, and trying cosmetic creams in hopes that they disappear. To truly rid yourself of these problematic veins, you need to visit a vein doctor and have him or her recommend the best treatment for you.

    Dr. Joseph Magnant now offers and performs the VenaSeal Closure System procedure in his office. If you are in need of an evaluation, please call The Vein Specialists at 239.694.VEIN (8346). Vein Specialists at Royal Palm Square 1510 Royal Palm Square Blvd. Suite 101 Fort Myers, Florida 33919. Or visit us online at WeKnowVeins.com

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