• Is Leg Pain Keeping You Up At Night?

    Posted on September 21, 2017 by in Rest Legs Syndrome

    leg painRestless Leg Syndrome may seem like no big deal unless you are the one who has it. This affliction causes your legs to move involuntarily as you are trying to get to sleep. It is annoying at best and at worst can keep you from sleeping altogether causing insomnia which over time can lead to a whole host of other health problems.

    Though the exact cause of RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) aren’t fully understood doctors believe it can stem from genetic factors, iron deficiency, venous insufficiency or be the result and symptom of an underlying disease such as chronic kidney failure, diabetes or peripheral neuropathy.

    Other factors that can come into play are certain medications (antihistamines and antipsychotics) can trigger bouts of RLS artificially. It has also been found that RLS can be a result of dopamine circuits in the brain short-circuiting. This often presents itself in Parkinson’s patients.

    It is recommended that people experiencing RLS shouldn’t exercise too close to bedtime and maintain a routine sleep schedule so that their body has a chance to relax before getting tucked in at night.

    If you aren’t taking medications, do not have Parkinson’s Disease or Diabetes it is important to go get a vein screening done to rule venous issues as a cause. If you have RLS your body is trying to communicate with you that it needs assistance on some level. Listening to symptoms can lead to better health and quality of life down the road.

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