• Weight & Varicose Veins

    Posted on February 13, 2017 by in diet and veins

    obesity veinsWeight is a contributing factor when it comes to leg and vein health, but in relation to varicose veins, how much does the number on the scale affect the extent to which varicose veins present?

    While there is no set mathematical equation, every pound of body weight added, adds pressure to the structure of your body as well as every organ in it. It forces them to work harder.

    The more pressure put on the valves in the veins and the veins themselves the greater the chances for venous issues. Obesity can push the valves to the point of insufficiency and prevent the blood from circulating properly. Instead, the blood pools, remaining trapped in the leg veins unable to get back up to the heart. This causes the visible bumped out twisted looking varicose veins that appear in the legs.

    If you already have varicose veins, will losing weight help?

    Weight loss can help to prevent further worsening of already damaged veins but it alone will not undo the damage previously done. It is, however, important to lose weight and stay healthy in order to prevent recurrence of vein disease and other issues caused by excess weight.

    If you are experiencing vein issues, don’t wait. The sooner you are properly diagnosed, the sooner a treatment plan can be put together and you can be on your way back to pain-free health.

    For a proper diagnosis, please call Dr. Joseph Magnant of Vein Specialists 239.694.VEIN (8346). Vein Specialists at Royal Palm Square 1510 Royal Palm Square Blvd. Suite 101 Fort Myers, Florida 33919. Or visit us online at WeKnowVeins.com

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