• Swollen Ankles? – It might be a vein issue

    Posted on June 15, 2017 by in Associated conditions

    swollen ankleHaving your ankles swell is unsightly and painful. They may feel hot, itchy and make your feet, ankles, and legs feel exhausted when you haven’t even exerted yourself. Swollen ankles as a symptom are often misdiagnosed as kidney failure, pregnancy, medication side effect, and even heart failure. The truth is, it is often an insufficient vein problem.


    Venous Reflux is a condition where the blood is not flowing properly up to the heart. Blood, unable to move, pools around the ankle area causing fluid to leak from the vein into the tissue on the ankle, producing visible swelling which makes you look like you have “cankles”.


    In order to get the swelling to go down, the veins must be treated. The blood must be rerouted to healthy veins and back to the heart in order to be recirculated. Once the pooling stops, so does the pain, itch and ache.


    Visiting a vein specialist gives you access to their years of knowledge as well as state of the art medical tools and tests. If venous insufficiency is found to be the underlying problem, Evein Screening’s Vein Specialists will be able to suggest the best route forward with options like sclerotherapy, Radiofrequency Treatment, Phlebectomy and even laser procedures available.



    The first step is to go to Eveinscreening.com for a confidential FREE Vein Screening right online. Dr. Joseph Magnant is a board certified vascular surgeon and Dr. Nero is a board certified general surgeon. They have dedicated their lives to this surgical practice with the singular focus on the treatment of venous insufficiency. 239-694-VEIN (8346) to schedule an in-person appointment.

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