• Varicose & Spider Vein Facts

    Posted on December 12, 2016 by in spider veins

    Varicose VeinsFact 1. Spider Veins are not varicose veins. Though similar in appearance, spider veins are smaller and flatter than varicose veins. Spider veins are very common in adults over 50.  They are nicknamed Spider Veins because they tend to spread and join creating a spider web effect visually.


    Fact 2. The veins that can become varicose aren’t vital to your circulatory system. There are two types of veins – deep and superficial. Deep veins run our circulatory system. Superficial veins are close to the surface and not necessary for proper circulation. Therefore, you can treat, and even remove them with no ill effects on the overall system and blood flow.


    Fact 3. Defective valves are what cause veins to become varicose. When valves do not work properly to help blood pump and flow in the right direction blood will pool and cause veins to swell and stretch.


    Fact 4. Compression socks do work. Why? When you wear compression garments they keep veins compressed and the blood can’t pool.


    Fact 5. The sooner you catch vein issues the easier and more treatable they are.


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