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    Posted on August 18, 2016 by in compression vein treatment

    compression stocking therapyWhen your doctor suspects or diagnoses you with venous insufficiency, he will most likely recommend compression stocking therapy. In addition to modifying lifestyle habits such as eating a healthier diet, increasing exercise program, and quitting smoking, compression stocking therapy can bring relief to your legs.

    Compression stockings are available in different lengths and tightness. Your vein doctor can recommend a specific tightness that will help reduce the swelling and pain in your legs. It is important that you purchase new stockings for your condition. Do not use hand-me-downs since the effectiveness and tightness might not be what is best for your vein health.

    Those who suffer from heavy legs and varicose veins will find relief with compression stockings. The gradual tightening of the stocking supports the veins in the legs in pushing blood back to the heart. When the valves in your veins are damaged or weakened, blood starts to pool within the veins creating swelling and discomfort. If you feel this happening to you, get an evaluation by a vein specialist in your area. If venous insufficiency is found to be the culprit, then he can set up a treatment plan. Starting with compression stockings, modifying lifestyle habits and, if needed, eliminating the damaged vein.

    There are several methods to obliterating bothersome veins, one of those being sclerotherapy. This simple method can be done in the doctor’s office and requires little, if any, recovery time. After the procedure, though, your doctor might recommend wearing compression stockings. By doing this, you are able to reduce the stress on the treated vein. If you are susceptible to vein problems, then wearing the compression stockings during times that you are not in pain or have swelling would be a proactive stance in your health.

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